We fell in love with these wonderful cats, and knew this was the breed for us.
In 2003 we acquired a new male from A Bebop Tail, Wolfie.   In 2006,
we acquired Atreyu from Buckeyebobbi's.  Then, we acquired our own
foundation male, Konan of Ozbobz.  New bloodlines for the breed, who has
produced some gorgeous kittens.  Our newest girl, Freckles, is a granddaughter
of his.  We are continuing to bring in different bloodlines into our breeding
program, to keep the kittens we produce healthy ones, and free from genetic

In 2003 we started showing some of the kittens we have raised.  We are showing
in CFA and ACFA, and may show in TICA also, since they have started having
shows in Missouri.

The colors we are breeding are; browns, chocolates and silvers.  The patterns are
spotteds, mackerels (stripes), ticked, and occasionally lynx points.

Where our cats stay

All of our kittens are raised in the house, where they can get much love and
attention.  All of our females and kittens have the full run of the house.  Our
males have their own room, since intact males do spray, and can't be let loose in
the house.  We don't believe in keeping cats caged, and have only a couple of
cages, which are only used occasionally, when a cat has to be kept up for a short
period, such as, when they are in heat.

Our goals for breeding

We are breeding to the standard, and striving to breed the best possible
American Bobtails, with lovable dispositions, and the wildest look.   Our main
purpose in breeding, is improving the breed, and showing,  so we only breed the
very best cats.                                                                                         
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We have been breeding and raising cats for 20 years.  We
started out with Exotic Shorthairs, which is a nice breed,
and we enjoyed them very much.  However, we did not
like the direction the breed was going, with the extreme
look of the Persian.

We started looking for a new breed, and became intrigued
with the American Bobtail.  We liked the wild look, and
also the fact that they can come in any color.  We
acquired our first two in 2000.  A lovely white female,
(Glimmer) from Aloeway, and a brown spotted, hunky
male, (Jack), from Catalons.