My Story in Pictures
            From 6 weeks to 9 1/2 months
Here I am at 6 weeks
Now, I'm 2 months.  Still a baby, just bigger
I'm 3 months old, now, and at my new home, with my new mom and dad.
Wow!  It's great here, with lots of new toys to play with.
Here I am, helping mom at her desk.
My 4 month Birthday Party!  Boy, was that fun!
That icing was delicious, (what little bit they let me have, icing's
not very good for us kitties, you know).
Another pic of me at 4 months.  What a character I am!
At 5 months, I am having
a ball, playing with all of
my toys!  My mom and dad
have spoiled me so much!
You will have to admit;
I am really cute, with
a personality to match!
Easter was a lot of
fun, with some
really awesome
new toys!
Let's see what's in my Easter Basket
Ahhh!  A nice, soft bunny!
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