My Story       part two
Bob the Builder
Here I am, helping Dad paint.
Hey, don't they have a cartoon show about me?
My 6 month birthday!  A delicious cake, and presents, too!
Here I am with Mom, and I'm just as sweet and
cuddly as I look!  Well, except maybe when I'm
trying to sneak in the fridge, to find a snack!
Here I am at 7 months,
just hanging out,
wondering what kind
of mischief I can get
into next.
8 months old!
Wait 'till you see all the
mischief I get into!
Of course, I have my
time on the computer.
Have to keep up with
whats going on in the
world, (or the sea).
Uhh, what can I say?
Let's just say, Mom
wasn't too pleased,
but I had a lot of fun!
My 9 month birthday
What a blast!  Look at all
my new toys!
You can see what a big
boy I'm getting to be!
The good life!
Don't I look elegant?
When is Dad getting home?
Here I am at
9 1/2 months,
and I weigh
12 lbs!
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